Upcoming Events

Artcolony Cered
August 5, 2018.
The Cered Contemporary International Art Colony is international-oriented workshops and art scene, based on personal participation, and is one of the European artists’ colonies, which annually takes place according to a different theme.
This year’s unique theme is the „summer kitchen of Cered”, which have a special tradition. These are usually in the houses of the inhabitants but sometimes also free-standing in the garden, they have a special atmosphere and are usually very differently decorated. They are not just used for kitchen purposes, and are different to the summer kitchens of the 19th century. They represent the living style of today’s inhabitants with the tradition of summer kitchens. The embroidered wall protection with its variety can be found very often. Especially the walls painted with patterns, the old family photos, old televisions and the “soc-real” design of the 60s, 70s can be found nearly everywhere.
Details: www.facebook.com/ceredartcolony/

July 27-29, 2018.
Details: www.facebook.com/salgocupebt

OLYMPUS Medves Photo Marathon
June 1-3, 2018
“Medves” area is one of the lesser-known sceneries in Central Europe, rich in history and full of industrial heritages surrounded by a beautiful landscape. It’s also the home of the “Novohrad-Nógrád” Geopark which is the first of its kind stretching over the border between Hungary and Slovakia. In 2013 we organized here the first photo marathon which exceeded all our expectations. This year we are preparing for the 4th.
The Marathon and its programme have been organized by Szilárd Drexler, documentary filmmaker, and Péter Komka, report photographer both living in and adoring the “Medves” area. For this 48-hour competition we are expecting anybody who loves exploring beautiful landscapes and/or photography. We are going to provide all the support for the participants to take their excellent photos. The most beautiful parts of the area will be guided by the organizers and there is also going to be lots of interesting extra workshops and events.
Details: www.fotosmaraton.hu